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BOAVISTA is the brand of window frames of FWD. It is the first fully manufactured in FIBERGLASS, which is considered by leading experts as ““Material of the future””! We exist based on a strong set of core values that we defend and apply in everything we do, from our everyday life, to every single construction created:


Aimed for the final consumer, architects and construction, promoters BOAVISTA Windows are the ideal choice to those looking for high thermal and acoustic performance, and take great comfort in using an environmentally responsible product that has a reduced ecological footprint.

The right choice of window for a new project, or even for a rehabilitation one, contributes decisively for a balanced final aesthetic. This will also affect the interior. environment.

For us, the future of construction will be guided by two vectors: the superior quality of materials and the environmental protection they provide. We want to be part of this future; with you!



  • Sand is the main raw material for fiberglass, this is widely available in Nature;
  • Pultrusion has a energetically low demanding production process;
  • The profiles production and windows manufacturing processes produce very little waste;
  • The profiles don’t require any kind of special transportation;
  • The material life cycle is a very long one. There are those who call it "the 100 year window"!;
  • The fiberglass windows have a high thermal and acoustic efficiency, allowing energy savings throughout their life cycle.


Fiberglass is the common name for GRPs – glass reinforced plastics; that is a composite material, which means, a material composed by two or more components with different physical and chemical properties combined to result in a new material with excellent features.

With the use of composite materials, one just needs to choose the right components and it is possible to create a product resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperatures or with excellent insulating properties and endurance, it depends on the specific needs.

For this motive, during the last decades, composite materials (including fiberglass) have been gaining ground in virtually every sector (from furniture to structures, marine industry, etc.) and are now more commonly being used in the construction industry.

GRPs are a material with a high tensile, flexural, compressive strength and impact resistance often used in structural applications.

Fiberglass is a light and non-conductive material, used also as an insulator. It allows large design flexibility as it enables the molding of complex parts, big or small, seamlessly and with great functional and aesthetic value.

It does not rust and presents exceptional resistance to highly aggressive environments in comparison to conventional materials. This chemical resistance of GRP’s is determined by the resin and laminated construction used.

While constant section profiles are produced by pultrusion, molding produces the larger and more complex parts. This process, used for low volume production, is mainly used in the manufacture of boats, surfboards, furniture and parts for the automotive and aeronautics industry.

Whatever the manufacture method used, the final result will always be a product with low maintenance costs due to the chemical inertness and high weather resistance inherent to the material.


  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • High dimensional stability;
  • Able to maintain its properties either in very high or very low temperatures;
  • Excellent mechanical properties;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • It does not brittle at low temperatures.


The fiberglass profiles used in all BOAVISTA windows are produced with POLTRUSION technology.

Fiberglass roovings

Responsible for the profiles longitudinal strength

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


BOAVISTA Windows are completely manufactured in fiberglass, a material that combines a high mechanical resistance (allowing large spans) with a high efficiency in thermal and acoustic control. They also have a very high durability, not being affected by harsh environments such as a marine environment.

By using pultrusion as the manufacturing process of BOAVISTA Windows, we ensure that the environmental costs of their production are extremely low.

BOAVISTA windows are finished with high strength polyurethane paint in any desired color.


When compared with other materials commonly used in the manufacture of windows applied in construction, the GRPs are those who have the best features.

Any pultruded product in fiberglass consumes less natural resources and energy and it is more favorable in terms of emissions than a similar product made in other materials.

Cracking resistanceXXX
Peeling resistanceXXX
Flexural resistanceXX
"Wood laminate"XX
Dilatation/ Contraction similar to glassX
High energy efficiencyXXX
Mechanical properties GRP Wood PVC Aluminium
Specific weight (kg/dm3) / Dens. 1,7-1,8 0,51 1,38 2,5
Tensile strength (MPa) 200-300 4-9 43 213
Elasticity modulus (GPa) 12,20 - 2,7 69

Tilt-and-turn Series

The Tilt-and-Turn BOAVISTA window stands out for its high performance and easy integration in any project.

The window allows a variety of combinations and solutions that will meet any needs.

With the weatherstriping being formed by a twofold neoprene sealing the watertightness and the longevity of the window are assured.

Download Technical Drawings/Blueprints


  • High performance
  • Possibility of using hidden hardware
  • Possibility of building windows with a larger dimension

Single Hung Series

The BOAVISTA Single hung series window is the ideal and the most used solution in the rehabilitation of buildings.

It is simple to install and utilize with its two sheets, one fixed and one movable, and with its practical mechanism that combines two opening alternatives: lifting or tilting. The tilting movement also facilitates the glass cleaning.

The Single hung windows uses a twofold sealing system, with pile seals and special gaskets, which guarantee the water tightness, without compromising the movement of the window.

The spring system, used to hold the window in any position, makes it extremely safe and allows anyone to use it.

Download Technical Drawings/Blueprints


  • Ideal for rehabilitations
  • Two ways of opening
  • Secure usage

Sliding Series

BOAVISTA sliding window presents itself as the best solution to those seeking for a window with a high performing and wide glazed surfaces.

This is a very flexible window which can be adapted to any project. With a pane capacity of up to 250kg and being able to work with more than one sheet, we can solve any given requirements presented to us.

The frame solution allows the window to be embedded in the floor, walls or ceiling reducing the frame expression in the window.

The slinding series always comes with a twofolded sealing, with pile seals which guarantee the watertightness of the set.

Its locking system can have one, two or three locking points (with or without a key), increasing the window security.

Download Technical Drawings/Blueprints


  • Possibility of using wide spans
  • Wide glassed surfaces
  • High security locking system

Interview with Aline Delgado, founder and coordenator of the PSC

What is the Portal of Sustainable Construction and how was this project born?

It was 2010. The construction sector was already in decline. I was a volunteer for a couple of years in an ENGO, for the construction sector. The spirit to have the least environmental impact was already a premise in any of my projects. As it happened, it was really necessary to make the construction sector evolve in a more sustainable way, having in mind the economics, the environment and the society of today and there wasn’t (and we’re still the only one) a database in Portugal of construction products that contributed to its sustainable development. Thus came the idea to found the Portal of Sustainable Construction. It would be a valuable tool for those who searched for sustainable projects. The idea evolved, and more than a listing of products that contributed to a more sustainable construction and building utilization, we gathered updated information on a variety of subjects: Accessibilities, Water, Comfort, Construction, Energy, Planning and Wastes, and for each subject we have our “eco products”, that enter our recommended product database by respecting our principles. We now have a team of trainers that give workshops, have our “eco products” in various Universities and polytechnic schools in an open day format, we’ve been present in a variety of international exhibitions about public constructions, we have edited a book and are preparing to earmark our  presence and make understand the advantages of thinking sustainability in their constructions to the various towns in the country.

We already consider the PSC as a reference in the Architecture and Construction sectors, involving the environmental, economic and social themes in a perspective of share knowledge. And the reality is only one: Or we change our way of life, thinking and making our buildings, were we stay for 90% of the time, more efficient in consuming resources or the cost of maintaining them environmental comfortable and viable economically will become unbearable.

It is based on the premise that the environmental, social and economic concerns take on a fundamental role in a society that urges for a more sustainable development, that the Portal of Sustainable Construction works daily to contribute to a change of scenery.

How has the Portal been received and what are the biggest difficulties you have encountered?

The biggest difficulty is the little amount, yet, of construction products in Portugal that understand the importance of the sector’s sustainability. The market is not big enough. However this is an emerging sector and, as said previously, it is necessary to change our behaviour, thinking and turning our buildings more efficient with the resources consumed. It is a growing necessity that, sooner or later, would have to be met. Thus, various companies are now starting to adapt their products to this new reality and even managing to adopt better practices in their production line.

It has come to our understanding that PSC has been increasingly welcomed when looking for new partners, being looked as a booster to this new found approach, wanting to know more and learning with our help. We have now started PSC’s internationalization having already been requested for products from companies outside of Portugal.

Sustainability as a theme has been here for a while now but, it seems that in the real world, practically speaking, it hasn’t been as important for the construction industry. What is for you the biggest challenge to a more responsible and sustainable construction nowadays?

The biggest, most challenging thing is to change peoples mentality on the issue. Unfortantly the contractor only thinks about reducing the cost during the construction fase, not thinking ahead, in the buildings utilization. It is during the buildings life cycle that the real sustainable options distinguish themselves. For a product or a construction solution to be sustainable it has to be durable, be low maintenance, promote energetic and/or water efficiency etc... Well, this products or solutions may be more expendable at first but generate savings at various levels throughout. This is the real sustainability. It needs to be the end consumer demanding this quality in construction favouring it, for example, from a whirlpool bath, so that the behaviour and prioritization of the industry adapts and changes.

How do you look at the new construction materials appearing, fibreglass being one of them, and what can be their contribution to a more sustainable construction?

PCS has welcomed fiberglass from the start for it being a material with a very high mechanical resistance and great elasticity. Other than that it’s a inorganic, incombustible and rustless material that permits a vast variety of applications. In respect to window frames it allows for large spans with high thermal and acoustic efficiency. It has  great durability by not being affected by aggressive environments such as, the sea environment.

By using poltrusion as its production process, we obtain savings in both time and investment. This because the end product of this process results in a ready to use and lighter profile, making it easy to handle at the assemble process. Besides being adaptable to any construction solution, by having a great durability level it excludes maintenance costs, and stops chemical contamination that occurs with common materials. Which in turn guarantees that the environmental costs in the production of these type of window frames are extremely low, thus being a sustainable and recommended by us.

How important is the quality of the window frames used for a environmental friendly construction?

The construction products are integrated in a “whole” that is the building. Every single one of them contribute to the associated impacts of the buildings life cycle. As mentioned before, the main principle that should be persecuted is to minimize these impacts throughout the building’s lifecycle.  As a way to minimize energy consumption through acclimatization, the exterior wall and large spans are directly implied in the constructions solution, as is the type of glass and, obviously, the window frame used. This not only being crucial on the aesthetic side and on the fulfilment of the performance demands of the facades but for a building to be considered comfortable and efficient. By choosing window frames with these characteristics we are choosing sustainability thus being more envirnomental friendly.

BOAVISTA's window range distinguished as an ECO-Product by the Portal of Sustainable Construction!

Built to serve as a information vehicle to all those who are involved in the construction and/or rehabilitation industry, the Portal provides a product guide for energy efficient and sustainable products.

Our Windows are classified with the “sustainable product” stamp due to its “reduced ecological footprint in its life cycle” and its “excellent acoustic and thermal performance contributing to energy saving in climate control”

To find out more don’t miss our interview with Aline Delgado, founder of the Portal of Sustainable Construction.

Have you heard of Fiberglass? No? Perfect! Yes? Perfect as well!

Fiberglass is the common name for GRPs – glass reinforced plastics; that are a composite material, which means, a material composed by two or more components with different physical and chemical properties combined to result in a new material with excellent features.

 “And that is interesting because…?” – You may ask. We have the answer, don’t worry.

With the use of composite materials, one just needs to choose the right components and it is possible to create a product resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperatures or with excellent insulating properties and endurance, it depends on the specific needs.

All very well, but what does that do for you? Nothing, for now, but we are here to change that!

BOAVISTA is FWD’s brand that develops and manufactures fibreglass window frames.  We exist based on a strong set of core values that we stand by and apply in everything we do, EFFICIENCY + MINIMALISM + INNOVATION + QUALITY + SUSTAINABILITY

We believe that our windows are top of the line, a little bit like the Ferrari of windows or the windows All Blacks! You get the picture..

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